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Cardexchange® Visitor


CardExchange® Visitor is the management software that allows companies to have control of visitors within the structure, minimizing the risks related to security. In a few steps you can register, authorize, manage and locate visitors.



  • Automatic record search with ID scan
  • Guest arrival email
  • Notification at check-in
  • Visitor screening with third parties
  • Define multiple buildings, lounges and rooms
  • Automatic check in / out with employee fingerprint
  • Multiple Reports and One Click Evacuation Report
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Since the beginning of the year, the world we knew has undergone a major change. In a short time, COVID-19 has found that it is a strong threat, especially for public health, but also from an economic point of view.

Even as we are coming out of a period of profound emergency, we are aware that we will remember social distancing and health concerns for a long time.

The reopening of economic activities, necessary for economic revitalization, will have to comply with precise regulations in the context of respect for public health.

EDMATIC in collaboration with NewVision, offers a solution suitable for all types of business where human contact is essential. Using mobile services and with minimal contact with hardware devices, the proposed solution guarantees orderly access to the commercial space.

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“Close-to-me” is the Italian solution to guarantee “SOCIAL DISTANIZATION” whenever it is worn by two or more people in the same room. The system is based on an integrated wearable device with BLE transmitter and receiver.

It operates at the 2.4GHz frequency and generates a “radio bubble” – low non-invasive frequency – around the person wearing the device. When the safety distance is not respected, an acoustic signal and a vibration indicate that you are less than one meter away from another person. Device with IP65 protection degree.

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It is the first open plasma sterilizerwith the following features:

  • Kills viruses, bacteria etc. on money, checks, coins and on containers for money / pneumatic mail boxes
  • It can also be used on casino chips, playing card, dice, jewelry, credit cards
  • Plasma Ion Cluster Technology – releases 10 million ion clusters
  • Excellent results are obtained in terms of dust removal, deodorization, decontamination
  • Fast sterilization using Plasma Ion cluster
  • Sterilization takes place during the counting of the money
  • Harmless sterilization for the human body
  • Hands sterilization
  • No Ozone production
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