Plastic cards

ED MATIC is able to provide its customers with white plastic cards with all existing technologies (magnetic stripe, contact chip, contact-less RFID, NFC chip, cards mixed with multiple technologies integrated on the same support) and also offers the services of graphic customization through massive offset or digital printing and printing suitable for smaller volumes in thermography or retransfer.

Customization and bagging

After the mass printing, ED MATIC offers the customization services of the variable identification data such as progressive numbering, barcode, qrcode, color or black and white photography and coding of technologies present on the card such as magnetic stripe encoding, electrical coding of the contact and / or contact-less microchip (rfid at 125Khz, 13.56Mzh and/or Uhf).

The card preparation service to the module, bagging and the management of the shipping flows of customized envelopes, complete the whole range of services relating to the treatment of plastic card that ED MATIC offers on the Italian and international market.




Technical assistance

Desktop printers

Technical assistance service on the national territory of thermographic or retransfer printers Matica and other brands on the market (hardware and software), including printers for passports. Our technical staff uses only original spare parts to guarantee product reliability, continuity and guarantee; it also studies with the customer the best tailor-made proposal, for annual or multi-year maintenance contracts. Some examples of such contracts are the telephone help desk, prepaid hours for remote assistance service (telephone and online), scheduled “on site” interventions for routine equipment maintenance, “on site” or “on center” maintenance at our laboratories, “swap” systems that we ship in 24 hours if a printer stops.

Mid-range systems

Technical Assistance Service through our staff throughout the country on Matica monotechnological or modular desktop customization systems, for decentralized issuance of financial, loyalty, associative cards, etc … configured with all existing technologies, i.e. thermography, retransfer, laser , embossing, infill. Our capillarity allows us to be present throughout the national territory and to directly support the structures responsible for the “on site” issue of cards.

Massive customization systems

Sistemi-di-personalizzazione-massivaTechnical Assistance Service throughout the national territory on modular systems of massive customization and Matica bagging machines, suitable for centralized issuance of large volumes of cards. Our internal technical staff is able to maintain the equipment and fully support the customer to help him develop particular projects right from the pre-sale phase and to program any upgrades on existing machinery. The experience gained by our technical staff at national and international level guarantees reliability and continuity in the massive operations of financial service centers and more.

Logical IT security

Sicurezza-logica-informaticaTechnical Assistance Service throughout the national territory of IT Logic Security (hardware and software) distributed by us; Information security is a very sensitive issue and regularly trained technicians help customers face the enormous challenge of managing data security, powered by the GDPR. The range of security services is completed by the courses we offer at various levels, designed to introduce staff to the world of IT security, to perfect their knowledge or to program all the functions necessary for maximum protection from internal and external attacks.

Access and attendance

Accessi-e-presenzeTechnical Assistance Service throughout the national territory on access control systems and hardware and software attendance detection distributed by us; our technical staff uses only original spare parts to guarantee reliability. continuity and product guarantee; it also studies with the customer the best tailor-made proposal for annual or multi-year maintenance contracts.

Software perso card

Software-perso-cardRemote Software Assistance Service or OnSite on our programs suitable for decentralized customization or massive production of plastic cards (PrintED decentralized issue, DMP massive issue).